A Tradition of Excellence.

Our Mission at Annunciation Day School
Our mission is to educate our students to become independent thinkers and
lifelong learners through pursuit of academic excellence within an Orthodox
Christian environment. Our student body welcomes children of the Orthodox
Christian Faith, as well as those of other faiths, reflecting the cultural diversity of
our entire city. Our learning community is built on mutual understanding and

Our faculty, administration and staff understand that our children come first;
therefore, all decisions will be based on what is best for our students, while providing
a safe environment in which to learn.

We educate our students in an Orthodox Christian environment, to become
independent thinkers and lifelong learners through pursuit of academic excellence
and individual achievement, as we develop respect for one another. Students should
be given the opportunity to be actively involved in their education through experiential
exploration. ADS provides abundant opportunities for such exploration, through
which students excel. We accept students with a range of abilities and talents who
can take full advantage of a rich, demanding academic program in which each student
is challenged and supported.

It is important to create a learning community built on mutual understanding and
respect. Our student body not only consists of children of the Orthodox Christian
Faith, but also welcomes students from all religious and cultural backgrounds,
reflecting our city’s rich cultural diversity.

The successful interaction of family, school, and Church creates a very subtle, yet
powerful, environment for raising stable, morally responsible, and well-grounded
children who can adapt easily to life’s situations, interact successfully with others,
make reasoned, solid decisions when necessary, and excel in both their studies and
lives ahead.

Our administration and faculty are individually accountable, and produce better
results than their public school counterparts. The size of our school allows for
more individual attention to be paid to students and parents alike. Using teaching
techniques acquired through continuous professional development, our faculty is
able to employ best methodologies and strategies to consistently maintain above average
achievement on the Iowa Standardized Test Scores, as we teach our children
to become lifelong learners.

The Orthodox Christian values upon which ADS was founded in 2002 continue to give
life and inspiration to our school, supporting its warm and nurturing environment.
Individual achievement, academic excellence, creativity, active learning and innovative
teaching – paired with a deep respect for the individual child – continue to guide ADS