Our preschool curriculum is based on the philosophy that children learn through play, exploration and hands-on experience.  The environment is designed to enable children to foster close relationships while providing opportunities to develop social and emotional skills as they interact with other children and adults. Our daily classroom routine reflects this belief through activities designed to help expand and satisfy young curious minds.

Each day we provide children with opportunities to:

  • Enhance intellectual and problem-solving abilities

  • Strengthen social and emotional growth

  • Develop abilities to relate with other children

  • Interact with others creatively and cognitively

  • Increase fine and gross motor skills

Children also participate in special classes of:

  • Greek Language and Culture

  • Orthodox Life

  • Music and movement


SuperKids and Bridges in Mathematics Programs

Annunciation Day School incorporates the SuperKids Reading Program in our Pre-K Four education curriculum. Happily Ever After is a Pre-K Four reading readiness program with children's literature at its heart. Happily Ever After promotes listening comprehension, phonemic awareness and sound symbol recognition. Bridges in Mathematics is a play-based sequential program designed to build mathematical thinkers.

Click HERE to learn more about SuperKids Reading Programs.

Click HERE to learn more about Bridges in Mathematics.